Prague Social Europe Conference 2019: Social Cohesion in Digital Times

Third edition of the Prague Social Europe Conference focused on the European actions, in terms of politics and policies, which are needed to properly manage the on-going digitalisation process that is transforming labour markets and also requiring updates in the education and welfare systems. The implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights needs a coherent approach that keeps together national and European legislation providing rights and social protection to atypical and new form of employment. Among other matters, also the financial backing from EU and national resources to uphold social outcomes all across Europe will be a subject of debate.

Prague Social Europe Conference 2019

PSEC 2019: Interview with Lázsló Andor

PSEC 2019: Interview with Liina Carr

PSEC 2019: Interview with Sacha Garben

PSEC 2019: Interview with Danuše Nerudová

PSEC 2019: Interview with Uwe Optenhögel

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